Well, here I am all stressed up as I will be relocating to the big S in 11 sleeps.  Visit the doctor today for antibiotics, my hernia all bottled up in my chest, thought I was getting a heart attack, but was there before, so politely I just asked for  clacid.  No gastroscopies or any other scopies at the moment.  I am just not coping with leaving my boys and beloved Vizslas in SA.  I know my love of 31years is waiting for me to join him in this great adventure that came so late in our lives.  Well Singapore, I will walk every adventure trail, every green pathway till I love you as I love South Africa.


Freshly cut

I am new to WP so I wonder what kind of scent I will leave after each scribble of mine. Will it be a heavenly Just Joey rose smell or a rich mix of aeromatic indian spices. Freshly cut corriander or lemon poppy seed muffen smell. What about the smell of farm soil after rain or the unforgettable smell of jet fuel when a fighter plane takes off.
I love the smell of freshly baked bread or popcorn at the cinema.  I am always busy to repair things around the house so I know the smell of glue, silicon and twisting wire. But …….. there are so many kinds of scent all around us and everyone is unique. I wonder……. what I will like best.